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Cutting Book
Gifted Misfit Book


You discovered your kid is cutting, leaving you with a sinking feeling in your stomach.

You ask yourself questions such as: Is my kid’s self-harm my fault? Did I fail as a parent? Where is the smiling kid I once knew? Cutting is the behavior that tells you something is definitely wrong and that your kid needs immediate understanding and help.

Dr. J.J. Kelly has been working with teens and young adults since 2003, and she is the person whom other professionals send their self-harm patients to. In Holy Sh*t, My Kid Is Cutting!, she makes sure you:

  • Uncover why your kid is cutting by debunking myths and revealing truths about self-harm

  • Build your plan of action to make the cutting stop

  • Find the professional who actually helps

  • Move your kid forward to becoming a healthy, active, joyful young adult

Relieve your worry and guilt, and get all the tools you need to steer your kid onto a healthy, happy path again.

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Author, psychologist, and CEO Dr. J.J. Kelly spent years in the traditional mental health world, so she knows how broken it is and how little it can make a long-lasting impact for young folx. In Holy Sh*t, I’m a Gifted “Misft!” Dr. J.J. will make sure you:

  • Never worry about if you’re “cool enough” again

  • Know how to get out of bed, especially when you don’t feel like it

  • Learn how to laugh and have fun, even though high school sucks

  • Master doing shit that scares you

  • Control yourself in an argument so it doesn’t turn into a fight

  • Stop performing self-destructive activities

Just because you don’t fit into what society says you should, that doesn’t make you a “misfit.” You deserve to stop being miserable in high school and beyond. Take the first step toward happiness today and learn these concrete emotional intelligence DBT skills.

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Are you dealing with a narcissist in the workplace?

Do you dread going into work? Do you have a problem falling asleep on a Sunday night because going to work in the morning is the last thing you want to do? You’ve tried hard to set your boundaries with your narcissistic coworker and enforce them, but every time you do, your shitty coworker somehow dismisses them, which causes you to freeze up. You could go to HR, but you fear retaliation. The great news is that you don’t have to put up with this kind of behavior anymore.

Psychologist, CEO, and author of the bestselling The Holy Sh*t Series, Dr. J.J. Kelly has spent years in the traditional mental health world, which has trained her to clock a narcissist a mile away, and now, she’ll teach you the most effective method to dealing with the narcissist in your workplace.

In Holy Sh*t, I’m Dealing with a Narcissist!, you will learn how to:

  • Spot, identify, and skillfully extinguish narcissistic behaviors

  • Dissolve daily frustrations caused by your coworker

  • Put boundaries in place so you are not overworked

  • Avoid burnout caused by anxiety and stress

  • Increase your overall enjoyment for your work

You don’t deserve to be manipulated while tryin' to do your job. Read Holy Sh*t, I’m Dealing with a Narcissist! and develop the skillset to better handle that narcissistic coworker for good.

Narcissict Book
What Do Women Want


Have you often wondered: What the hell DO women want?

Are you ready for a romantic partnership, but wonder where the "good women" are? Have you wondered what it takes to have a long-term healthy marriage? Maybe you just decided "it's time," or maybe have been looking and dabbling for a while with "meh" results.

Psychologist, CEO & Founder of UnorthoDocs, Inc., and the author of the bestselling Holy Sh*t Series, Dr. J.J. Kelly has spent years in (and now out) of the traditional mental health world, and has worked with countless adults looking to love and be loved. Dr. Kelly will teach you the most effective method to build a healthy, satisfying and fun romantic partnership that expands and grows over time.

In Holy Sh*t, What Do Women Want?! you will learn to: 

  • Increase your emtional intelligence (EQ)

  • Define your values

  • Engage in behaviors that match your values

  • Learn about how to create love

  • Build a partnership with a woman you choose

Life is tough enough, and you don't have to lone-wolf it any longer. Read Holy Sh*t, What Do Women Want?! to build and keep the kind of romantic partnership that makes all of life a little bit sweeter.

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So This Is Anger


Do you tend to express your anger, or do you stuff it all down (and then later blow up)? Did you know that holding on to anger can lead to all sorts of physical symptoms? What’s all this anger really about anyway?


Psychologist, CEO, & Founder of UnorthoDocs, Inc., and the author of the best-selling Holy Sh*t series, Dr. J.J. Kelly is back to discuss all of those issues surrounding anger, and more! She will teach you how to recognize and validate your own feelings of anger, then make the choice that truly aligns with your values. No more regrets and apologies for reactive behavior, because you will have the emotional intelligence skills to choose what’s right for you!


In Holy Sh*t, This Is Anger?! you will learn to:

  • Let go of fear and shame about getting angry

  • Identify and validate your experience of your own anger

  • Reframe anger as a natural emotion experienced by all humans, not just "bad" ones

  • Skillfully manage your anger so you can actually choose your behavior, not just react to an impulse

  • Choose what action you want to take when you feel anger - an action in alignment with YOUR values


If you’re ready to take control of your anger, read Holy Sh*t, What Is Anger?! and change your frustrations into positive actions today!

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