UnorthoDocs, Inc.

100% authentic connection


UnorthoDocs, Inc. is a paradigm shift from the current mental health system. WE are a mentorship program, a peer coaching program, and we are big on community outreach. Our vision is global healing by means of teaching people the skills to genuinely like themselves.  We believe this is achieved through practicing concrete and effectively proven coping skills (based on Marsha Linehan's DBT and

Thich Nhat Hanh's Mindfulness). 


Rooted in our community of Oakland, California, and therefore, infused with punk and hip-hop, we believe joy is everyone's right regardless of what society deems unfit, unwell, or unpopular. We consider ourselves a group of gifted "misfits," - in quotes, because we are taking back a word society has used against us. At our core we believe that in today's world,... kindness toward self and others is punk as fuck. BE punk AF. 

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