Teenagers and Young Adults

A Foundation of Respect

The bulk of my work is treating teens and young adults, which requires the knowledge and communication style specific to this unique developmental stage. I find that Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is particularly useful for adolescents - since it is a time of intense emotion: high highs and low lows, impulsivity/mood-dependent decision-making (yikes!)

I help teens and young adults solve problems specific to them:

  • Conflict with parents​

  • Conflict with friends

  • Academic pressures and performance

  • Identity and Integrity development & practice

  • Sexuality, Fluidity, Sex Positivity & Body Image

  • Nutrition & Exercise Practice

  • Gender issues

  • LGBTQIA issues

  • Stress about high school and college graduation

  • Becoming financially independent

  • "Certainty" as an ineffective tool for coping with fear

  • Systemic discrimination regarding race, sex, class, sexual orientation, mental and physical differences, gender expression, religious affiliation...

**In no way do I endorse tobacco use. I do, however, endorse laughter and pets...