What IS DBT Anyway?

Think of a Venn diagram: 2 circles evenly intersecting. Two seemingly opposite concepts in a harmonious integration: Light/Dark, Right/Wrong, All/Nothing...that's basically a dialectic. So, I tell folks that Dialectical Behavior Therapy is kind of a Zen mindfulness meets assertiveness training (or CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy).

There are lots of moving pieces to this treatment modality, but I use it in individual sessions with EVERYBODY, and I teach the skills training class a couple times a year. The classes are 2 hours, once a week. The courses are anywhere from 16-week to 4-week, depending on need. So WHY do you want DBT?


You will:

  • Build awareness of your emotional experiences

  • Build a vocabulary of emotion words to enhance awareness and competency to communicate your emotions

  • Build a framework for increasing your chances of getting what you want when you ask for something or say no to something/someONE

  • Build a life worth living and

  • Increase your capacity to experience joy and calm​

For a more thorough and clinical description of DBT skills training, click below.